Virtual Reality promises an exciting world beyond the simple monitor screen pervasive in so many contemporary presentations. Increased immersion, intuitive movement, and a greater level of understanding consititute only a fraction of the advantages virtual reality can contribute to a project. But with so many different technologies and workflows available, undertaking a virtual reality project successfully can be a major undertaking, requiring a significant investment in knowledge, technology, and equipment. Each week brings news of freshly-released devices and groundbreaking software features. Staying on top of a rapidly evolving market can be a duanting task, even for an experenced developer.

DWVRC strives to assist clients in navigating the myriad options available, discover the best options available, and instruct our clients in their use. We provide a comprehensive service, following your project all the way from your initial idea to the final delivery. We don't just answer questions, we mentor our clients and guide them through their own virtual reality journey.

Our primary geographic business location is the Greater Washington DC area (including Virginia and Maryland), however we can assist any client outside these areas anywhere in the United States with special arrangements.


David is an architectural associate with over 4 years experience in drafting, modeling, rendering, and project management. As part of his archiectural work, David has completed projects with many retail and commerical clients such as Costco Wholesale, Starbucks, Target, Walgreens, and Courtyard by Marriott. He also has many years experience with video game development, augmented reality deployment, photorealistic visualization, architectural photography, video production and editing, music composition, graphic design, and web design. As part of his experience, he has directed production teams on international competitions and volunteer design endeavors. David has also taught numerous courses on topics such as astronomy and 3D modeling, and has given private instrument lessons to grade school students of all ages.

In his spare time, David volunteers with many different organizations, including DCVR Meetup as an exhibitor, the American Institute of Architects as a planning committee member, Games Done Quick as a lead donation processor and announcer, and Habitat for Humanity as a builder.

  • Project startup
  • Hardware and software exploration
  • Hardware selection
  • Software selection
  • Staff and workload planning
  • Project critique
  • Knowledgebase recommendation
  • Project troubleshooting

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New work inquiries: davidw@dwvrc.com
Phone number: (571) 766-8176